About Us


Prabhu Money TransferPrivate Limited (Prabhu India) is a locally registered FFMC company operating in India having with Category II license from Reserve Bank of India (RBI).


CEO: Miss Kusum Lama

IT Head: Kapil Acharya

Country Head: Sunil Mishra - 7042399999

Regional Marketing Officer:  Mitra Ghimire - 9871379775 New Delhi

Regional Marketing Officer: Tara Prasad Sharma - 9892785735 Mumbai

Regional Marketing Officer: Chhabi Bhattarai - 9815745744 Punjab

Regional Marketing Officer: Govinda Bhattarai - 9825226271 Gujrat

Regional Marketing Officer: Ajit Bogati - 8801486164 Hyderbad

Asst. Marketing Officer: Dil Bahadur Dangi (Deepak) - 9041297791 Chandigarh

Associated Organizations